Crypto currencies popularity has increased drastically since its introduction on the financial market. Crypto currencies like the Bitcoin offers lucrative opportunities for traders and those who invested in it are now millionaires.



You can always make money by trading in these digital currencies. Recently trading software has come into play to help improve the profitability and accuracy of the financial market. An example is the Immediate Edge trading robot, which is one of the best platform for crypto trade.

This is an automated trading bot that helps to perform automated transactions for users. With this platform, you also can become a millionaire. The only question here Is if the platform in question known as Immediate Edge bot legitimate or a scam? That’s why we’re going to dive and see if this bot works, as it claims.


Is Immediate Edge Bot a Legitimate platform or a Scam?

When you go online to check reviews for trusted trading bot software, you would find different reviews that can make it difficult to know which trading platform to choose. But with Immediate Edge bot, it guarantees a success rate of 88%, which is very impressive. In this case, we can confidently recommend Immediate Edge bot as the most legitimate trading platform for crypto trading.



Fact on the reason why Immediate Edge bot is a legit trading platform. Here are some key reason to proof:

• We conducted a background survey of information on their website and found testimonials from users who claim they are correct.
• Most reviews have found that the Immediate Edge platform is easy to use.
• It offers an effective customer service. We ran a live test and the customer service responded within a minute. In addition, they are available 24/7.
• This platform is also appreciated by many of the best robots on the market.


What Immediate Edge is all about?

The Immediate Edge system is an automated bot for trading crypto currency. This bot has automated online robots that trade for a variety of investors. It also features an algorithm that lets help users see how their money is accumulates. Best of all, the bot does real transactions, not just automatically, but also very accurately.
This means that beginners have the same opportunities as experts in the cryptography market. What set Immediate Edge bot platform from the rest bot platform is that it performs a market analysis before each transaction and this only takes a few seconds to accomplish.
Overall, keep in mind that Immediate Edge, like other robots, also has a margin error. This despite the fact that the application is very accurate and reliable. The cryptography market is very volatile, which means that no bot can predict with 100% accuracy. At some point you may suffer losses. Therefore, it is advised to invest the money whose loss you can afford.



How Works?

The Immediate edge bot app is based on a computer-aided algorithm. This algorithm helps the software to analyze the market and identify marketable information. The software guarantees you precise transactions because it is reliable.
Due to the fact that the bot is automated it means that there is no human brain in charge of the control and functionality of this software. All you need to do to register your transactions and then limit your initial deposit to a minimum to start your transactions. The best part of using this app is that as a beginner who do not have any prior knowledge of the crypto currency or forex market can still trade on the platform. In fact, the interest of such automated robots is to help inexperienced traders to make a profit.
For this platform the minimum deposit is $ 250 but note that the higher your investment, the higher the potential return. Since you can also suffer losses, it is always wise to start with the minimum amount of your investment. Over time, you can decide if you want to increase your investment and earn more money.


How to register on

The registration process for is simple, direct and secure. Within 10 minutes your account is ready and you can start trading. Immediate Edge is a fully automated bot, accessible to all. Listed below are steps to follow that will help you get started with this app.

Step 1 : Fill the registration form

When you visit the homepage of Immediate Edge register your name, phone number and e-mail address in the provided form. You would also need to verify your phone number via a text code and also an e-mail via a link. Crypto Vibes can verify that the registration process for Immediate Edge is secure.
Your website is protected by SSL to prevent hackers from stealing personally identifiable information transmitted through this site. The Immediate Edge cyber security policy states that they comply with the GDPR. This means that your data will be kept strictly confidential.


Step 2 : Get linked to a broker

The role of the broker assigned to you is to accept your deposits and facilitate transactions. Immediate Edge only works with regulated brokers. With a regulated broker provided by Immediate Edge, they guarantee that your money is 100% safe.


Step 3 : Deposit of $ 250

You need a minimum deposit of $ 250 to trade with Immediate Edge. Also note that Immediate Edge does not incur any license fees. The only way the creators of this platform make money is through commission on the profits you made on the platform.
Deposits can be made by bank transfer, Visa or via MasterCard. Within a few seconds your deposit is reflected in a merchant’s account. Also be rest assured that no charges on deposits you make on this platform.


Step 4 : Demo trading

Demo trading provided on this platform allows traders to familiarize themselves with how Immediate Edge works. We recommends you conduct a demo trade before going into live trading. Also take into consideration that the demo trading is for demonstration purposes only.


Step 5 : Live trading

After you’ve familiarize yourself with the demo trading, you can now proceed to live. As mentioned above in this review, you do not need any special skills to use this robot. The Immediate Edge Live trading involves determining the amount of capital you would like to risk per transaction.


How to get the most out of Immediate Edge

To get the most out of the Immediate Edge platform, we’ve identified tips you can follow that are essential to getting the most out of Immediate Edge.
A deposit of $ 250 is the initial money to invest with- Due to the risk involved in crypto market, you should start with a small investment.
Be updated on the crypto market news –If you update yourself on latest news in crypto market you would be able to identify the types of news that cause high volatility and use them.
Trade within8 hours a day – From Immediate Edge developers, if you trade for at least 8 hours a day you can maximize your profits.
Make sure you close all trading sessions at the end of the day – If you forget or fail to close trading sessions before you go to bed, it can lead to lossovernight as markets can change significantly overnight. So to avoid loss it is best to close the sessions, even if they’re at negative margin, and start trading again the next day.


Features of Immediate Edge

Automated trading

The system is automated, this means that anyone can use it. In other words, even if you have never done any online trading or are unfamiliar with the financial markets or the cryptocurrency, you can use the Immediate Edge bot and be successful.


Demo Tour

The demo tour features would show you the whole process involved in the trading software platform as soon as you open the trading software app website. But take note that demo trading is not real and only shows profits margin. The purpose of the trading demo feature is to introduce you to the software, but not the actual signals or business results.


Trading dashboard

With the trading dashboard feature you can view your trading history and your open trades. You can also view the selection of assets that you can trade and update the trading parameters, including the amount of investment per transaction, the stop loss, the maximum number of concurrent transactions, the daily stop, and the daily and daily profit gains. Maximum number of daily transactions the bot should execute.


Benefits of using bot software

The fact is that many automated trading solutions are available in the crypto currency markets, but in reality not all have been developed equally. We’ve found it’s easy to trade with the Immediate Edge bot, to easily make money.


Listed below are some of the benefits of trading on Immediate Edge platform:

User friendly and easy to use

The Immediate Edge bot is developed with advanced algorithms, this has made it easy to use. Beginners and advanced users can use this software as well without stress. Also it offers a well-designed trading dashboard so traders can easily navigate the system.



This is an exceptional advantage because the Immediate Edge bot can trade automatically. That is, it is able to trade without the trader’s intervention. Once the trading parameters have been determined, the bot analyzes the crypto-currency transactions and identifies potentially profitable trading opportunities. Then, a transaction is automatically executed on the broker platform.



Registration on Immediate Edge Bots platform is free, also no hidden fees or commissions.


It is convenient and also installation is easy

When it comes to easy installation on your PC and also mobile devices the Immediate Edge app wins in that aspect, this platform also works only with selected, renowned and reliable brokers in the financial market sector. This ensures that you are ready to trade with the Immediate Edge bot a few minutes after you register.


Demo account and tutorials

Once you have accessed the trading dashboard, you can view the demo procedure, which explains the platform in more detail. The purpose of the trading demo functionality is to introduce you to the software, but not the actual signals or business results.

High Success rate

The immediate Edge bot platform success rate is on the high side, this ensures constant and high profits. Interestingly, of the 20 completed transactions, 18 were successfully completed, so we really made money.


Responsive customer service platform

When it comes to Immediate Edge customer service platform, it has been widely observed that the platform works for 24 hours a day, which is a very great idea due to the fact that there are different time zones in the world where different users live.


Immediate Edge software has changed the lives of many people, enabling them to earn money and regain their financial freedom. During out review test we requested the payment of our funds and profits, the process was simple and transparent, and our money reflected in our account within 24 hours. This is an important feature of a reliable robot for the automated trading of cryptocurrencies.
We can guarantee you that Immediate Edge is absolutely legitimate and no scam related. The software works flawlessly, as our test has shown. We can fully assure you on the authenticity of the Immediate Edge app and recommend it to all traders who want to make money via crypto currency market.